Welcome to

The Shea Butter Village Spa


MARAABA to the Sheabutter village, Maraba means welcome to the divine feeling of shea butter trees who have lived and healed people for over 400years.

Experience the Healing powers of sheabutter in this spiritual retreat where the best moments come when you feel most connected to self, in harmony with nature and the world around us.

The Experience

Heal your Body, Mind and Soul the African way by living, eating, sleeping, and healing the way our ancestors did with nature. The ultimate African Experience awaits you, come home soon KingsandQUEENS.

Enjoy the healing powers of sheabutter like never before. We give you sheabutter healing beauty treatment the way the Kings and Queens of Ancient Africa had it.

Arriving at the village means arriving home from a long tiresome journey, inhale and exhale while we take the stress out through your foot.

72 000 nerve endings are found in your feet. They take the brunt of life’s journey – especially in Africa where our primary mode of transport is our feet.

Let's take care of your sole

As your sole is often a reflection of your soul, we focus our full attention on treating your feet to bring you to a place of deep and soulful relaxation.

A cleansing water ritual with a twist encourages you to begin your stress release. The herbalist will make use of technique that involves the use of cowries to encourage lymph drainage in your legs and to ease the tension from your body, making relaxation irresistible and inevitable.

After that Freshly handmade Sheabutter with wild harvested natural active ingredients will then be applied, slowly bringing you back to consciousness. You will awaken feeling re-energised with a spring in your step. You can then choose from our body scrubs, honey soaks, herbal baths, sheabutter massage, and many more.

Planning on visiting?

We are always thrilled to welcome you Kings and Queens to the village for that magical experience.

To reserve a booking, kindly send an email to: