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Sheabutter For Baby

Sheabutter For Baby

Your baby skin is delicate skin , As mothers we want what’s best for our babies , their skin is delicate and sensitive and we are constantly on the lookout for healthy and non-reactive natural skin care products.

As infants, this is the foundation stage of every child. A healthy skin care routine provides your baby with fatty acids , vitamins and antioxidants that strengthen your babies skin which are essential in your child’s growth.

A good bath with our #SheabutterSoap helps strip off a thin layer of unwanted dead skin and consistent application of our #Sheabutter helps replenish healthy skin cells which are essential for your baby’s growth.

Imagine your baby sleeping peacefully through their afternoon nap and at night time. This gives the mother ample time to rest and rejuvenate. Our Shea butter is great for mothers as well. It soothes any joint tensions from carrying the baby all day and eases postpartum back pains.

Let us know your #Shea Butter experience, we would love to exchange ideas with other mom’s too.

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