Yennenga Tribal Wrist Charm


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Hi there Kings and Queens :

Our African waist beads are traditional accessories  handmade from shells , pears stones & recycled glass .
The solution is poured into natural termite Mould’s , baked , cooled and handcrafted
on a string as body jewelry mostly worn around the waist.

They come in different colors and shapes and may also include decorative stones, crystals or charms. Waist beads have been worn for centuries by women & girls  in many west African Cultures.

Meaning of some colors of beads :
* Brown :Earth and Stability.
* Gold: Good health, Power and wealth
* Green :Abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity
* Red:Confidence and vitality
* White: Light, truth and Purity
* Yellow:Energy, Joy and happiness
* Black:power and protection.
* Blue:Loyalty and Truth
* Orange:Courage, self-Confidence and vitality
• Pink:Care, beauty, love and kindness
* Purple:Royalty, Spirituality and wisdom
Wearing beads on the wait is the ultimate symbol of Ferminity  in west Africa .

Beware : Wearing beads is sexy and can drive your partner crazy about you


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