Shea Love Box


Love in indigenous African tradition is that no real separation exists between the spirit world and the realm of matter bounded by love, wherever matter occurs, Spirit can be found, and vice versa.

Africans don’t view love as a part of life. For us, all life is love. All aspects of reality (both the seen and unseen world) work together for the good of all living things especially in plants, and Sheabutter is a great example of nature’s Love to us.

Our Shea Love plant-based skincare with the village Moringa oil is supernatural and ushers in famine energy & beauty.


Remember to set your intentions before applying.
You are magical .



Golden Goddess:

This authentic butter is all natural using African traditional ways of making shea butter mixed with the purest plant oils from our natural evenvironment to heal and nourish your skin with a heavenly fresh blend of therapeutic essentials inviting feminine energy with a sparkle & shine.

This leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft, smooth, and nourished.
Heals and protects .
Help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone, while increasing firmness and elasticity.
Quick absorption for stupple skin

Apply this rich thick butter all over body for an instant glow and moisture – Sinks in quickly and leaves skin stoft and silky.


Moringa Oil

OUR RAW VILLAGE MORINGA OIL IS FRESHLY HANDMADE TO RETAIN POWERFUL PROTECTIVE properties that maintains a youthful glow whiles nourishing the skin with the light weight rich goodness passed down to us from generations.

Anti aging properties, great for rashes, cuts, burns and insect bites.
Raw moisturising oil is instantly absorbed into the skin
Really reduces and eliminates wrinkles, gives skin a healthy glow.


Village Sheabitter Soap

The African Queen Nefertiti credited her beauty to the regular use of this soap. Our sheabutter soap is made from a blend of freshly handmade sheabutter and Cocoa ash. It’s a natural Soap to cleanse and deeply moisturizedry, rough skin.

Ideal for sensitive skin.
Heals and revitalizes dull looking skin while preventing early signs of aging.
Leaves skin soft and youthful.


Village Black Soap

Handmade with a rich deep connection with nature our plant based African black soap is known for its deep pore cleansing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, handmade in the same authentic way as our ancestors did.
Our African soap with its unrefined particles also helps in gentle exfoliation, resulting in fresh and radiant skin.

A perfect blend of 100% natural shea butter, plantain skin ashes, cocoa pods , Neem and palm kernel oil, our African black soap is packed with vitamin A & E, antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a miracle skin and scalp cleanser.

All skin types
Deep cleanser


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