Kusasi Golden Healing Set


Hello KingsandQueens:

HAMAMAT  takes you on a journey on how our ancestors who had a rich deep connection with the earth cared for their BODY, MIND & SOUL by using ingredients provided to them by their natural environment.

Many of the problems we face are because we are not connected to our roots. This is true even for our physical, emotional, and mental health.

On this AFRICAN  journey, we will learn that the body is capable of miraculous things.

It is an intelligent system deeply connected to our minds and the world around us and brilliantly designed to self-regulate and heal.

By detoxing our environment, the air we breathe, the food we eat the water we drink, and the products we use we support the healing process and as we go beyond the physical and improve our inner environment our thoughts beliefs, and emotions we can shift our lives in powerful ways.

Our Kusasi Healing set is made to penetrate deep and soothe your body, mind, and soul.


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Before you light the candle, write down your name or person name ailment, place, or thing that is in need of healing energy on a small piece of paper. Fold and place it into the Zukk healing  Calabash. Focus on your intention as you use the products. Use wisely & do no harm.


Day & Night healing candles :

Use these candles with intention; apply them on the skin and repeat your intentions while you massage.

Our Golden shea butter ( white candle ): is the purest form of shea butter, directly from the shea butter trees, this healing butter takes 25years before it is harvested.

Once you light the candle, start making your intentions from within, repeat your intentions as the twig burns into the candle, repeat your intention while you apply the melted shea butter on your or your loved ones.

Traditional healing oil: with your intention apply oil on the head & neck and feet.

Healing Shea Butter Soap:
Our Shea butter soap is made from a blend of freshly handmade shea butter and essential oils. Its natural organic composition makes it ideal for sensitive skins. Its moisturizing feature helps nourish the skin and reverses the aging process and stretch marks.

Healing  Zok Calabash:
Place this Calabash where you can see it. as deco or carry it everywhere you go to remind yourself of your healing process.


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