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How To Find Love? eBook


Loving yourself is allowing yourself to go through what life wants you to go through. Loving yourself is allowing yourself to embrace life. Allowing yourself to be who you are or what you are supposed to be is also loving yourself. Because in that way, everything is connected. In order for you to find love in any way or in any aspect – whether it’s a marriage, a family relationship, even a friendship – you have to first love yourself.



Hello, Kings and Queens!

Wherever you are in the world, there is one thing that is almost always very hard to find: LOVE.  

Finding love can be difficult. You see, growing up, you think you already know how to find love because of what you see and what you hear from the people around you. You see things in movies and you read things in romance novels that have different scenarios on how people find love. While some of these are true, they are not applicable to everybody.

As you get older, you later on find out that everything has to do with the inside before it does with the outside. So, loving who you are is very important. I want you to know this, my Kings and Queens. Here is the simple truth that everyone looking for love should know: The best way to find love is to love yourself first.


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