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Hi there Kings and Queens

The Fulani people of Mali traditionally wore their riches in adornments they could carry at all times.

Beautiful gold earrings of this style ranged in sizes, the most elaborate demonstrating great wealth can be up to five inches long. Fulani women adorn themselves with all kinds of jewelry including earrings (also called kwottone kanye), rings, bangles, and necklaces usually made out of gold or silver.

Fulani women also wear beautiful glass and amber beads in their hair. As is true with most tribal African jewelry the tribe regards jewelry as a symbol of wealth and status. A Fulani woman acquires jewelry in many ways including as a dowry from her husband or upon the death of her mother.

Traditionally the Fulani, who are a nomadic tribe, wear their wealth in the form of jewelry so that they can carry it with them where ever they go. It was often used to buy goods from other tribes they would encounter.

Our modern adaptation on the traditional design features handmade hammered brass, and recycled bronze from old car radiators .The bronze is melted down and tapped out while being twisted which makes the earring far more lightweight and affordable without sacrificing the traditional aesthetic.

“The Fulani people are the largest nomadic tribe in the world who migrated east of the Sahara several thousand years ago and heavily populated Sub-Saharan Africa. Most African Americans descend from the Fulani tribe in addition to the Mandingo, Wolof, Akan, Ashanti, Jukun, Yoruba, Bariba, Nupe and Hausa tribes of West Africa.”

“Fulani earrings and bracelets have been a tradition of the Fulani people for centuries and women of the royal class wore them in solid gold as a sign of wealth and nobility. They each have a unique twist which in the native Fulani language is called bhoylé for the earrings which have a wider twist and moullé for the bracelets which have a tighter twist. The more gold and jewelry a Fulani woman had the more wealth she had.”

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