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Hi there Kings and Queens!


You’ve been asking for it and now it’s EXTENDED, we are giving away some of my favorites.
#FREEBIE No. 1 is our Beautiful Handwoven Colorful Hand Pots. It has many uses. You’ve probably seen me wearing it as a statement piece (as a bag), but you can also use it to store your skincare products or other items like jewelry in your house.

The first 8 orders from now until further notice that’s over $80 before shipping gets this FREEBIE in their package shipped DIRECTLY From Ghana to your Doorstep!


FREEBIE No. 2 is our first ever HAMAMAT caps. Here’s another way to #WearAfrica boldly and proudly. HAMAMAT represents the Ultimate African Experience, from skincare handmade from nature’s best to sharing with the world all the wonders and beauties of #Africa.


The first 5 orders from now until further notice that’s over $50 before shipping gets this FREEBIE in their package shipped DIRECTLY From Ghana to your Doorstep!

We hope you’re as excited as our children from the Village! Aren’t they just so adorable? They’re excited for you Kings and Queens!

You’re going to SHOP all things HAMAMAT for the Ultimate African Experience, so you might as well get your FREEBIE!

Products will be added to your order if you meet these requirements!

Grab you #Hamamat #African #Beauty#skincare shipping #WORLDWIDE.




Lots of love,


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Kings & Queens: Reviews

Andrea Graham
Andrea Graham
22:08 02 Feb 18
This is such an excellent product I have been using Shea butter products for years however there is something really special about the ones from Hamamat African Beauty they really work!!! I shared the Safari Shea Butter with my sister-in-law who had hurt her back, she couldn’t stop thanking me for how much it helped. I tell you man it’s the best 😃 thank you ❤️
Xenia Berejnoi
Xenia Berejnoi
16:32 23 Feb 18
After having my baby boy, who just recently turned 1yr, my skin was acting up; postpartum hormones. I've tried many products. this is the only product that seems to be helping and almost instantly. I've only been using for a week! Thank you Hammat and community for helping this Mama feel beautiful!
Royisa Gorousingh
Royisa Gorousingh
17:57 25 Feb 18
The Shea butters are the best I’ve ever used. The safari Shea butter has helped clear my face, moisturize my dry skin and provide pain relief. After rubbing down with it, I feel so relaxed. I definitely will continue to order my Shea butter from Hamamat.
Etiedidiong Davis
Etiedidiong Davis
20:39 15 Feb 18
The Product is just amazing. It moisturizes, and leaves your skin toned, and Glowing all day and Night. Definitely The Best. I encourage others to give it a try, Oh! Just Lovely.
Niles Niles
Niles Niles
03:56 15 Mar 18
I have scalp issues and also dermatitis, but what has helped a lot is the golden shea butter and after all you'll have a beautiful and healthy skin... I'll be buying more soon! Fast shipping also!
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