Caring for your Village Girl Fabrics

Hello, my Queens!


The art of hand-painting fabric and tie-dye designs have been practiced for centuries by many African artists. So much work goes into creating the intricate designs, as they represent the story, culture and pride that Africans have had from the past and present.


Our Village Girl Collection was born out of the Hamamat brand’s pride in bringing Queens worldwide the ultimate African experience. The fabrics of these dresses are precious works of art, and so the utmost care is needed to preserve their beauty.



Here are some steps you can take to make sure your hand-painted or tie-dyed fabric is well taken care of:


1. It is best to wash these fabrics inside out. This ensures that you are able to clean the garment without risking changes to the color and level of vibrance it has.


2. Opt for cold water with mild detergent when washing. Cold water is said to be better for preserving the color in textiles. When your fabric is soiled or stained, hot water might set the stain even more on the fabric,


3. If you can, avoid using fabric softener in your wash. Many people have reported that the components in the softener tends to eat away at the textile’s color over time.


4. Try to lay your fabrics flat to dry. You can also hang them to dry. Machine-drying your fabrics may not only disturb the color of the garment but may also damage its quality.



When you take care of these Village Girl pieces, it’s like taking care of what Africa means to you. It’s taking care of the stories these clothes tell through their vivid color and design. In Hamamat African Beauty, we find it beautiful to care for our rich past and for what it has taught us.


It’s been a wonderful experience to see how much support you have all shown to our Village Girl Collection. Do check them out if you have not had the chance yet!


Care for your culture. Hold on to your heritage. Wear these pieces with pride.


Lots of love,



Village Girl Collection Summer 2018 Exclusive

Hi there Queens!


Summer Exclusive Available Starting July 1st!

We love Africa, we love Ghana, and we love the communities like where I am from – Tamale. With the #VillageGirl collection we wanted to especially support the stories women of these communities.

This Summer 2018 exclusive collection includes Village Girl Dresses in Hand-painted Art, and Tie & Dye fabrics and traditional #buskets.

You can purchase whichever fabrics you’d like and we will send you the finished handmade dress to you! It’s a one size fits all and we will show you how to tie the back so it feels perfect for you Queen!

The Village Girl dresses are inspired by traditional #Bubu dresses… but with a little twist! So the front of the dress is plain and simple while the back of the dress is beautiful, unique and of course a surprise! Just like a village girl, you may think we are uninteresting and plain, but there are many sides to us. There is so much more to know about us and who we are to our communities and to the world…

The Busket purses are beautifully hand woven and include an array of color combinations! #CarryAfrica with you, wherever you go!

Do you have your own idea for a dress? When you empower a Queens, you empower the community!

This collection is special to us and we would love to share it with you. More stories to come. This is a summer EXCLUSIVE for limited time Queens! I only have a few so its for the Queens that want it and have been asking about it.

Lots of Love,