African Village Cooking

African Village Cooking | Hamamat African Beauty

Hi there, Kings and Queens!

African cooking, like the continent itself, is so full of surprises, magic and fantastic elements of different cultures – Arab, European, Asian and Black-African. There is so much to discover with Africa’s delicious and varied cuisine! Watch the video below to learn more about African Cooking!

Eating together is a big part of cooking in Africa. Here I am cooking TZ with groundnuts and dry Okora soup with the women of the house.



The diverse nature of African cooking is a reflection of local culinary traditions with the choice of ingredients reflected in the preparation style and cooking techniques. Eating and drinking habits are significantly different and mostly depend on the region. Central Africa, East Africa, the Horn of Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa all have their own distinctive dishes, preparation techniques, and consumption habits.

African cooking is distinctly traditional with little foreign influence. With a range of climates and growing conditions, the ingredients of African cuisine vary from one geographical location to another. Certain foods, however, are common to many regions.

Traditionally, African cuisines use a combination of locally grown fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, meats, and milk products (although milk products, in general, are not as important in African cooking as it is in other areas of the world).

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Generally, it is the women of Sub-Saharan Africa who do most of the work related to food. This includes work on the plantations, or “shambas” (as cultivated fields are called), such as planting, weeding, harvesting, as well cooking and serving the food.

The African kitchen is traditionally outside or in a separate building apart from the sleeping and living quarters. This is much different from most traditional kitchens, which are found inside the home. The kitchen has minimal furniture and only the necessities. Good will and heart are put into each meal as it is prepared for the family.

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Shea Butter for Your Face – Effects of Using Shea Butter for 97 Years

Shea Butter Effects After 97 Years | Hamamat African Beauty

Hi there, Kings and Queens!

#12 – Shea Butter for Your Face

Another way to ensure your GLOW and how to love yourself this season is to use Shea butter for your face. Your face is the foundation for your beauty, so ensuring its healthiness is essential when it comes to looking youthful and fresh.

Scroll down below to watch my video and meet this 97-year young Queen and hear her beauty secret.


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Happy Tuesday #KingsandQueens : I just met the Queen mother of the village . I was so amazed to find out her age . I think she looks beautiful for 97years . I had to ask of her skin secret , and ofcause she said #Sheabutter , that is all they use around here . Shea butter is edible but the world knows it best as a main cosmetic ingredients and not something usually found in the kitchen, well unless you are in Africa. For thousands of years, shea butter has been used as healing and skin care properties. History has stated that during Cleopatra’s era in Ancient Egypt, shea butter was considered #valuable ingredients to protect skin and hair from Africa’s fierce sun and hot dry winds. The usage of shea butter for skin care could be traced back to as far as ancient Egypt even in the place where the early King of #Egypt was burried, crafted the shea tree. Furthermore, the deserts in Africa could kill you and shea butter is a great sun block to protect skin& body . The great effects of sheabutter is endless. Natural Moisturizer for Skin✔ Treats Dry Skin Naturally✔ Effective Skin Sun Block✔ Greats for Chapped Lips✔ Solution to Stretch Mark✔ Good Bye to Dark Spots✔ Treats Rough Skin✔ Protects Skin Natural Oil✔ Effective to Treat Acnes✔ Wrinkles Reduction✔ No More Eye-bag✔ Shea Butter for Hair Treatments✔ Just to name a few . 📍Click the link in my bio to watch more of the #Village life 💛 and also to learn more about how daily use of shea butter keeps your skin youthful . 🛒📦 Also click the link to shop Skin @hamamatafricanbeauty #Hamamat #NaturalSkinCare #AfricanBeauty #Africanskincare #Sheabutter #Africa #Ghana #Tamale

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Make Shea butter a part of your daily routine as a face cream to start and end your day. With its essential nutrients, your skin is able to maintain its healthy structure. Full of Vitamin E, Shea butter doesn’t only help lessen the effects of acne and other skin blemishes, but also fight the effects of aging. It helps eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles that start forming the older you get. Therefore, there’s no better time than now to start the fight against them!
Being consistent with your skincare is the true key to eternal youth. Coupled with feeling positive and having good energy, your skin’s amazing quality is guaranteed. Hamamat African Beauty stands by this as a pillar – Shea butter for your face is the key to beautiful, healthy skin.

Ask this 97-year young Queen below! Look at her GLOW.

Shea Butter on Your Face | Hamamat African Beauty

The most amazing thing, for me, is how much our lives can be changed by these little secrets that come from the origins of mankind – Africa.


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My Valentine’s Day Gift to you.

The twelfth way to show your affection with 14 Ways to Shea Love is use Shea butter for you face. Click here to discover the thirteenth! #Shealove

Sign Petition to Stop Skin Lightening/Bleaching Ads


For the longest time, in some cultures, having light-colored skin has been touted as the ideal. Many young men and women all over the world, from a very young age, are constantly told that to having light skin is to be desirable and therefore acceptable in society. Of course, we all know that this could not be further from the truth.

But, because of this obsession with getting lighter skin, many choose to go through many cosmetic methods such as skin lightening or skin bleaching. This is the process of using chemical substances that aim to minimize the pigment called melanin so that the skin appears lighter. Even though this process takes so much time, effort, and money, millions of people all over the world go through with such procedures to attain a beauty standard they think they should abide by.

Nowadays, a number of skin care brands have created ways to “cut” the process by creating creams and promoting achieving a lighter skin tone in more subtle ways than skin bleaching, but have serious side effects. Some include:

  • aggravated skin disease

  • increased risk of skin cancer 

  • uneven coloring

  • impaired healing

  • dryness, redness, and burning

Can you imagine this for your life? Can you imagine dealing with such side effects because of pressures to lighten and bleach your skin? These are some of the negative effects that are not public or discussed when companies promote skin lightening and skin bleaching.  It’s important to become aware and inform others undergoing such procedures. Your participation in this movement is very important for these reasons and more.


Petition Goals

1. Inspiring a new generation of self-love

2. Worldwide involvement

3. Removal of skin lightening & skin bleaching ads across Africa, and eventually the wold

4. Encourage the use of  100% natural skincare products

5. Spreading self-awareness #ILoveMySkin


It is truly unfortunate that so many people-of-color have to grow up constantly being bombarded by images and messages in the media telling them that not having whiter skin is an issue that has to be resolved.

It’s time to get vocal. It’s time to create our own ad and campaign to protect our natural skin and beauty by using natural skincare products that enhance, protect and care for us and not change us.

So let’s all work together in breaking down the beauty standards that say that having lighter skin is better than a deeper skin tone. Let’s celebrate all skin colors for all types of people so young children growing up can be comfortable and proud of the skin they’re in.