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Dr. Hajia Salamatu Taimako, is a herbalist who has won many awards including an Honorary Doctorate Degree for her expertise in indigenous knowledge. This prominent herbal doctor and the founder of Taimako Plants and Herbal Medicine Centre; and she is also my grandmother.


My grandmother, whom everyone calls by the name of “Kaaka”, had raised 10 children by herself after my grandfather died. Despite being a widow, she made a name for herself and I have always been proud of her.


Born to a very large family, I began my life in Bolgatanga. I was a child who loved to eat and experienced so much joy and happiness from being with my family. At the age of 7, I accidentally got burned and discovered the magic of Shea Butter through my grandmother. She used Shea Butter to heal my burn.


During my teenage years, I battled peer pressure against dark skin. I was constantly told I was not beautiful because of my skin. Although very painful, I didn’t let that stop me. I began to embrace my skin upon realizing that my skin represented not only my beauty but the love that my grandmother and family has given me. Knowing this made me so much stronger that it earned me an experience as a Beauty Queen.


Winning a pageant crown granted me the opportunity to be an ambassador for educating the people of Ghana on Malaria – an important duty that helped me solidify what my purpose in life is. Opportunities for modeling soon came and with that, I was able to travel the globe. The experience opened my eyes not only to the beauty of the world, but also to the beauty within me that I could share to the world.


When I became a mother, I truly found a deeper meaning to my existence and vowed to share to the world the gift of caring and nurturing. Now having changed in experience and maturity, I returned to my roots and in my homeland I found my renewed purpose in life. My grandmother always reminded me of the wonders of Shea butter as a way to care for oneself. And I knew that I want everyone to have that chance of caring for themselves.


The love of family kept me during this season and is the vein that runs through the entire Hamamat African Beauty brand. During this time of rebirth, my sister Ruwyda Ibrahim supported me in launching a children’s book I wrote. The book highlights the everyday adventures of two Ghanaian sisters, Zuzu and Sasa. The stories are a collection of experiences shared and narrated by the girls. Right after this launch, with the help of my sister, we worked together in creating Hamamat African Skincare – which is now Hamamat African Beauty. She is the head of production and works closely with Kaaka in making the products.


Knowing that the ancestral power of Shea Butter must be shared to the world, I took it upon myself to continue the family legacy, and created a video to celebrate what all of this meant to me. From cutting my hair to sharing the video from the village on how to make shea butter, it went viral. Clients started to line up, orders started to come in and then I soon realized that this endeavor was moving and that this was a confirmation that I was on the right path of destiny. This is how Hamamat African Beauty was born.

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