Calabash and Fatherhood

Fresh Calabash fruit

The Calabash

The calabash is an original fruit of Africa. The calabash is a gourd fruit that is hallowed out and adapted for the use as utensils.

This wide fruit was grown in Africa and introduced to the rest of the world in 3000bc. In precolonized 18th to 19th centery, Niger was the domain of the main Normadic tribes such as the Fulani, Toureg and Hausa who were mainly cattle hearders who followed the rains and were constantly on the move. Their versitle lifestly required a versital and light weight cargo and the calabash served this purpose since it was light weight and flexible in its adaptability. The Normads carved the calabash into bowls and spoons along with other needed objects and utensils.

The wide bowls where usually used to store water for drinking and prayers.

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