African Motherhood and Shea Butter

From the moment a child is born in the remote suburb of traditional Africa; Sheabutter will be used, for lubricating the delivery process and for giving baby her first wipe. Babies are often born covered in a creamy-looking substance called vernix caseosa, a protective film that benefits sensitive newborn skin — which is responsible for producing oil in the skin — our ancestors believed this has extreme benefits to keeping a babies skin healthy and moisturized and so sheabutter is added to boost its protection and healing of the new born skin as it adjust to the new weather.
My grandmother before she transitioned will look deep in my eyes and smile at me and say “ all of my features belonged to someone else before they were mine. We’re all an amalgamation of the ancestors who came before us”.

The rich history of shea butter spans centuries, from Cleopatra’s reign in Egypt—where she kept the butter stored in large calabashes and clay jars for daily use to where it is now, featured as sole ingredient in beauty products on seemingly every shelf, from high-end boutiques to neighborhood convenience stores.
Natural Shea butter which is also known as Pkwakahli in acient Africa is derived from the Karite Tree and is indigenous to Africa. This amazing butter has been used for beauty purposes by women in Africa for Thousands of years. It has been reported that European explorers first discovered Shea butter back in the 1300’s but it was used by many African cultures long before this time.

Queen Hamamat and her Grandmother, Kaaka.
For thousands of years, African women have extracted shea butter from the nut of the shea tree and used it in therapeutic and cosmetic applications. The butter’s ubiquity is well-earned. Many have touted it as a beauty cure-all. From getting rid of ash and stretch marks to natural hair care, beauty enthusiasts sing shea butter’s praises for treating and conditioning the body head-to-toe. Naturally full of good-for-you nutrients including Vitamins A and E which are essential for healthy skin, shea butter moisturizes and protects skin from damaging elements.

The processing and production of shea butter is an ancient practice passed down from mother to daughter. And the sales of the butter provide economic opportunities for women and girls in shea-producing countries. Shea butter’s supply chain creates a unique bond between women in the shea belt of Africa and women in the western world who consume shea butter daily.

As a mother, you’re always on the lookout for the best products for you and your family
Let’s face it, there is an endless list of solutions you need.
From treating the baby’s diaper rash to your postpartum stretch marks, it can cost a small fortune to buy it all. And with so many lotions and potions available that claim to be the miracle cure to every problem, it’s difficult to know which ones to trust but the answer always lies in how our ancestors cared for their body mind and soul by using ingredients provided to them by their natural environment, like our all-natural, super ingredient - Freshly Handmade Sheabutter.

sheabutter is a multi-purpose balm for every home.

Queen Amina of Zaria Nigeria
Our motherhood is gentlly tied to sheabutter because it works.
You experience the magic of sheabutter when used in a consistant period to heal and beautify the skin.

Queen Amina of Zaria Nigeria understood how beneficial shea butter is for skin. So much so that she faithfully totted jars of Shea butter while she traveled to become one of the real rulers born in the mid-sixteenth century. She wanted to have access to the butter so that she could apply it to her skin daily for healing purposes, Shea butter has been used for centuries in Africa to moisturize and protect the skin from the sun, wind and heat , espercially back then when the only means of transportation was horse back riding.

In most parts of West Africa the Shea tree is sacred to many. One reason being that it takes several years for the tree to grow (anywhere from 40-50 years). It is such a great valuable source for food, medicine, and capital for communities as well as it provides primary employment to millions of women across the continent.

Whether you’re looking for a radiance-enhancing beauty all-rounder, or trying to find a solution to a particular home care problem, this unique shea butter may be just what you need.
SHEABUTTER has been in our culture for generations and its doesn’t only keep us beautiful but healthly aswell because this shea butter is so nutrient-rich by nature, it doesn’t need to have anything added.

In fact, it is so pure, it can be eaten. And, is sometimes used in dietary supplements.
We eat it everyday at home - it is used in food and medicine here in the village. Unlike other shea butter manufacturers, there are no chemicals, additives, preservatives or perfumes added to our freshly handmade sheabutter.

safe for babies

Queen Kandake - the Empress of Ethiopia
Queen Kandake was regarded as one of the most dreaded war generals of her time. Historians said she was known to be a fierce, tactical and uniting military leader but she was also a mother to many and cared greatly about children and was said to aways have jars of sheabutter traded from West Africa specially for her children.

Freshly Handmade Sheabutter is so pure it is used to deliver babies .
We know that baby skin is fragile, so you don't want to use just any lotion off the shelf.
And finding products that don't include additives, fillers or other chemicals is like navigating a minefield these days .

To avoid adverse side effects as baby's grow, it's best to use ingredients that are of the purest & cleanest form mother nature. In order to treat your little one’s skin whilst ensuring it remains moisture-filled and blemish free, Freshly handmade sheabutter is a great option.

Shea butter is good for babies with:
• Diaper rash
• Eczema
• Cradle cap
• Dry skin

It can also be used to give your baby a Bath and a body massage.
Not only does shea help to repair damage to the skin, it also forms a layer to prevent further upset.
Choosing Sheabutter means you’re not subjecting your child to chemical ridden creams but instead a multitude of vitamins in pure, non-toxic, shea butter.


The Queen of Sheba, Ethiopia
The Queen of Sheba, Ethiopia was known to be a queen of incredible strength and beauty who didnt only use sheabutter for her skin but she cooked with it aswell , some say this is why her beauty glowed from the inside out.

sheabutter is moisturizing

Loaded with sensational moisturizing components, specifically vitamins A and E, in freshly handmade sheabutter is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling completely renewed.
It’s suitable for use all over the body, from head to feet, no matter your skintone and age.

This unrefined shea butter can be used for:
• Lip balm
• Homemade deodorant
• Pregnancy salve (to ward off stretch marks)
• Cellulite treatment
• Low-grade, SPF 3-4 sunblock (in conjunction with your regular sunblock)
• After sun exposure
• Hair conditioner
• Scalp hydration
• Body massage therapy - the list goes on.

And instead of stripping your skin of its natural oils, shea adds essential fatty acids which work to protect and nourish and help to prevent drying.

It is truly a miracle butter.

There are no documented cases of Freshly Handmaade sheabutter allergies.It is truly natures gift to us .
Our Sheabutter is freshly made from my village to you. This means even people and babies with nut allergies should be able to use shea butter without any adverse effects.

With this being said, like any topical treatment, it’s best to do a test on a small patch of skin before lathering all over. If you have any concerns about using shea butter, seek advice from your health care professional.


Queen Yaa Asantewa - Ashanti Kingdom, Ghana
Queen Yaa Asantewa was the queen mother of Ejisu in the Ashanti Empire – now part of modern-day Ghana. In 1900, she led the Ashanti war known as the War of the Golden Stool, also known as the Yaa Asantewaa war, against British colonials.

Queen Yaa Asantewa who looked way younger than her age was said to use sheabutter as it was part of the royal oils for healing.


Thanks to the fatty acid components, shea butter helps protect the skin's natural oil barrier. This is critical for keeping skin hydrated and plumper; leading to a younger looking complexion. And due to the high percentage of olein, which boosts natural hydration and plumpness, many people claim to see better results when using, freshly handmade traditional shea butter.

You can also expect to see wrinkle reduction with consistent use.
Proven to increase elasticity by aiding natural collagen production in skin, shea butter is a fantastic product for firming and strengthening skin.


This plant-based fat is also naturally anti-inflammatory.
Other inflammatory skin issues shea butter is said to help with are:

• Eczema
• Psoriasis
• Rosacea
• Seborrheic Dermatitis
• Hives
• Insect bites
• Rashes
• Sore nose
• Cracked skin
• Razor irritation
• Skin rash
• Blemishes

With a quick search through our history and culture Sheabutter has always been there for healing.

It’s Truly Organic Our African Sheabutter reserve is 100% organic, raw, unrefined, unprocessed and unscented. Our Village in Northern Ghana —the origin of this miracle butter—is industrially untouched, which allows for as clean and natural environment and because this shea is grown in a non-polluted area, it is a non-toxic botanical. We source hand-picked nuts before pressing into shea butter.

Motherhood in Africa is greatly tied to the use of sheabutter and its natural benefits and healing and we are happy to keep this tradition going the natural way.

Freshly Handmade Sheabutter is now available to shop.


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