Hamamat African Skincare


     Feed Your Skin The Way Nature Intended.

Growing up in a village in Africa ,Hamamat learned the secret to beautiful youthful skin by only using products that are healthy and Natural . Join Hamamat on a journey to her village and discover the secret to beautiful youthful skin.

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I once heard Hamamat convince her babies that “Reading makes you beautiful” like it was the truest thing on earth.
— Sesinam Dagadu, tinyDAVID
I just tried the Organic Scrub and OMG! I cannot believe how soft my skin feels. I rinsed with cool water as you stated.
What an amazing product and i love the smell.
— instagram/Amazingly _natural
This is the only product that has worked for my eczema in 3years.
Thank You
— Instagram/Benjara
I just started using my products and i am already loving the outcome.
— Instagram/Kenturah

Feed your skin the way nature intended.




Hamamat African Skincare uses Shea Butter from the Three Northern Region of Ghana and a mixture of Africa’s best kept natural secrets to help women around the world maintain a youthful skin glow. Every product has been decades in the making and reflects the passion, herbal inspiration and the expertise of 3 generations of women who have mastered the art of skin care.


We pride ourselves in harnessing your skin with the benefits of nature that will protect it and stray away from chemicals that will harm it. We believe that skincare and the ingredients used on and in the body should not be complicated. Besides fostering an healthy skincare regimen, we strongly believe on providing for tomorrow’s generation. For each jar purchased a proceed of it will go towards providing a book to a child through the zuzuandsasa reading project.


Our product is natural, unadulterated and feeds your skin natural ingredients - the way nature intended. Using raw ingredients, we believe your skin has the ability to establish its natural balance with nature. We want to make skincare regimen simple again.